About me

Imagining being able to make someone else's dream come true is a bit like feeling like the "fairy godmother" of every event.

"Observing" love, receiving that life project together, making it happen in the best possible way to make it unique and special is what I aim for every day so that those who choose me can be happy and remember their great day for the rest of their lives.

After graduating from high school and a degree in foreign languages ​​and literature, I began training in the world of communication and marketing. Simultaneously, working in the luxury sector gave me the opportunity to approach a world with special attention to the niche market, rich in everything that is beautiful but at the same time elegant, sober and sometimes luxurious. After years of training I decided to go it alone, becoming an entrepreneur and owner of a communication and marketing company, Hashtag. Then the idea of ​​Wedding 360° was born, in collaboration with the best professionals in the world of weddings - I had detected the need to provide a high-quality product and take care of the full organisation of what a wedding entails.

Everything around us is communication; quoting one of Watzlawick's axioms, "we cannot not communicate".

Designing someone else's dreams, communicating what is love, empathising with the client to perfectly create what someone has imagined is something that always amazes me and at the same time makes me an eternal dreamer.

I'm passionate about finding the perfect detail and the connector that every story has. Representing that common thread in an event means trying to achieve uniqueness.

My travels, my studies outside the continent have allowed me to create a sort of precious treasure chest, rich in knowledge of different peoples and cultures. Each and every different way of living makes cultural differences something truly unique and wonderfully special.

Colours, flowers, words and music are the perfect mix to nurture my passion.

From my point of view, there are three fundamental elements that must never be lacking in an event:

  1. Empathy

  2. Passion

  3. Delight

The continuous search for uniqueness allows me to create settings that excite. I am also aided by the immortal beauty of Italy, an inexhaustible wealth of ideas. The sea, the sun and the art in all its forms ensure that those who choose Italy as a destination for their wedding can feel the excitement while at the same time being entranced by so much wonder.

The dream of the spouses becomes my own... because "everything that love touches becomes immortal" - and, I would add, ethereal.

  • About me

    About me

    Imagining being able to make someone else's dream come true is a bit like feeling like the "fairy godmother" of every event.

  • My team

    My team

    "Only when everyone contributes their firewood can a great fire be created." (Proverb)